Entry ID: 1596 / Michael Roa Valdamjong Combo
2a 2b 5b 5c 6c 236a 214]x[ dl. 5c(2) 214]x[ 214x 22c 2c 236a 22a 5a j.b j.c 214]x[ (land) 22c 2a 5c 22c 236c 2a 5c 214]x[ 214]x[ 22c 2a 5c 22c 214x 22a
Corner only, universal
]x[ means orb detonation
Needs two orbs and one lightning charge
Depending on height, you might need to charge 236a for a little bit, but not completely, after the 2c otherwise the 236a 22a 5a link will miss and drop the combo