2019-06-25: Added Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2
2019-05-23: Now you can delete combos from lists.
2019-05-19: Added okizeme listing option.
2019-05-19: Now combos in lists appear in different tables for each category.
2019-05-16: Added List Search.
2019-05-14: New listing feature! Still a lot to improve on that, but now you can list your favorite combos to look after later or to share! You can create your list here.
2019-05-14: The combo page now displays the combo's ID to make it easier to add it to a list.
2019-04-26: New "5" button, whiff and land images. Added Kaiouken secondary resources for DBFZ. Imgur is supported on the combo page but not when searching, it acts weird and sometimes it doesn't load properly ;-;.
2019-04-20: Added MK9, MKX and Inustice 2. Those games may be incomplete, so please report it here: google form.
2019-04-18: Added Mortal Kombat 11
2019-04-16: Added profile page to assemble combos from a single author.
2019-04-16: Now you can look a combo's comments and video when it's being listed in a search.
2019-04-11: Added primary resources and whether it is a combo/blockstring/mix up/archive to the quick search
2019-04-10: Now the combo's comments appear as a tooltip on the combo's link on the game and search pages. Mobile feature in the near future.
2019-04-08: Created 2 cookies to handle background color and combo display preferences.
2019-04-06: Fixed how combos were displayed in the game and search pages on mobile.
2019-04-06: Shortened link length of a specific combo.
2019-04-04: Combos can now be deleted.
2019-03-31: Added author textarea to submissions.
2019-03-31: Added combo passwords, now you can only edit combos if you know their password. Thanks to madninjaman for the suggestion.
2019-03-24: Added Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late.
2019-03-23: Added patch option to combos.
2019-03-23: Added number formatting.
2019-03-23: Added 44 and 66 global buttons.
2019-03-23: Added Them's Fightin' Herds.
2019-03-23: Fixed type selection on edit that would always be set up as a combo when trying to edit an entry.
2019-03-23: Changed Combo好き's logo to a less bad one. (ctrl+F5 to make sure you have the new logo)